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The fastest growing toddler and preschool sports and recreation program in the area


"Children Are Like Sponges Eager to
Soak Up New Skills"

Established in Waterdown Ontario in response to a lack of variety, quality, and affordable sports and sporting activities for toddlers and preschool-aged children, Sport Kidz was born. 


At the time of development Katie had a 5 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. When her son had been a toddler he struggled physically due to an aliment at birth. He walked late and struggled with simple tasks such as running and jumping. When her son was 2 years old and Katie and her husband looked for an sporting activity to introduce him to, it became apparent that there was a real lack of variety in sporting options for young children.

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Sport Kidz is a program designed for toddlers and young children to learn the basic fundamentals of sport and exercise in a fun and kid-centered environment.

Our program is focused around giving children a fun and rewarding introduction to sport so that they will find enjoyment in play and healthy living for years to come. 

We have 3 different classes that are specifically tailored to different age groups of children. No matter what age group your child falls into, our core principles remain consistent.

Sport Totz - ages 1.5-2.5 years
Sport Kidz 1 - ages 2.5-3.5 years
Sport Kidz 2 - ages 3.5-5 years



Sport Kidz is proud to offer classes in a variety of locations around Southern Ontario.
Visit our Location Page to find the location closest to you.



Interested in joining the Sport Kidz team and running classes of your own? Find out more about our Licensing Options. 


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What Are Parents Saying?

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"He's Tried Other Programs with Limited Success"

"Sport Kidz is the highlight of my son's weekend. We've done multiple sessions and he can't wait to attend every week, we'll keep coming back in the future. He's tried other programs in the past with limited success but Coach Katie's well organized and routine oriented classes have been a hit from the start. We continue to recommend the program to other friends in the area!"

"It's a Serious Highlight of Their Weeks"

"We're on our second time through the Sport Kidz program - we loved it so much the first time we just had to come back! The coaches are excellent and work hard to make each class exciting, and do a fantastic job making sure all the kiddos are engaged and learning. My kids love coming, and look forward to it every Saturday. It's a serious highlight of their weeks! It's great to watch them try (and master) new skills in such a fun and kid-centred environment. Thanks for running such a great program!"

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