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Sport Kidz is a program designed for toddlers and young children to learn the basic fundamentals of sport and exercise in a fun and kid-centered environment. Our program is focused around giving children a fun and rewarding introduction to sport so that they will find enjoyment in play and healthy living for years to come. 

We have 3 different classes that are specifically tailored to different age groups of children. No matter what age group your child falls into, our core principles remain consistent throughout:
- No Pressure, Just Play. It's not about winning, it's about learning
- Children are sponges eager to soak up new skills when they are taught in a fun and rewarding environment
- Children must be constantly engaged in new games and areas of play to stay focused and involved
- Sport is more fun when learned with friends and family members
- Sport is a teacher of shapes, patterns, colours and numbers
- Sport helps to teach children fundamental life skills such as: how to follow instructions, sharing, listening, taking turns and playing as a member of a team

​                         Sport Totz - Age 18 months to 2.5 Years

                                        In this youngest age group the basics of sport are taught in a fun and constantly moving environment.                                            Skills such as kicking, tossing, bouncing, running, hopping, balancing and jumping. This class is                                                          completely play oriented through games, skills and obstacles. Children work at their own pace and                                                  developmental level alongside their parent, while in a group setting. 
                                        - This class requires parent participation
                                        - Classes are 35 minutes in length
                                        - Each child receives a t-shirt, a certificate/feedback card and a class photo


                        Sport Kidz 1 - Age 2.5 to 3.5 Years

                                      In this age group children are challenged more both physically and mentally. This level is suitable for all                                          skill levels and welcomes beginners. Children are encouraged to grow on fundamental sport skills such                                          as running, jumping, hopping, balancing, coordination, throwing and obstacles.  More sport-specific                                                games are introduced. 
                                      - This class does require parent participation at the beginning of the program, but it is optional after                                               week #4 for children wanting to try the class without a parent. Parents must remain in the room at all                                             times and available for partner drills as needed

                                     - Classes are 40 minutes in length
                                     - Each child receive a t-shirt,  a certificate/feedback card, and a class photo


                       Sport Kidz 2 - Age 3.5 - 5 Years

                                    This age group has games and activities that are fast-paced and ever-changing to meet the high energy                                          demands of the children. This class is more individual-sport focused with sport specific skills and                                                      controlled techniques taught that will be useful in soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, swimming, track, and                                      many other sports. Games and skills are still structured around play and fun with more peer interaction                                          and team play. 
                                    - Parent participation is optional.  We encourage students to try participating without a parent, but are                                            not adverse to parent jumping into class if it makes the child feel more comfortable. (parents must stay                                          inside the building at all times)
                                   - Classes are 40 minutes in length
                                   - Classes are small for individual attention and instruction
                                   - Each child receives a t-shirt, a certificate/feedback card, and a class photo


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Wonder what skills your child will develop in a Sport Kidz program? Check out the video here

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